Utopia at the Border: Programme and Photos

We’re delighted to share with you the programme from the recent Utopia at the Border symposium at the University of Regensburg: the fourth of our six symposia exploring utopianism and thinking-about-the-future.

Borders have received little consideration from within utopian studies, whilst there is an understandable reticence among many of those who study (and struggle against) borders to think in terms of utopia. As an initial consideration of what utopia(nism) might have to offer those working with/against borders; and how theorizing the border might enhance utopian studies we were extremely pleased with the outcome of the symposium and have decided to dedicate one of our four special Open Library of Humanities special issues to the theme of ‘Utopia at the Border’. This will contain papers from the symposium, but if you’d be interested in contributing something please do get in touch.

The below photographs were taken by Utopia at the Border participant Henry Daniel, to whom we are extremely grateful.

The call for contributions for our next symposium, to be held at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, will be published in mid November. Watch this space!


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